About Us

At Hobby Science, our mission is to introduce Children to interesting Hobbies that challenges both the Brain and the Body – make them mentally Smart and also Physically Active and get them away from TV / Video Games !!! Our aim is to encourage Kids to Play Outdoors and be Active. Our aim is to prevent Kids from becoming a Couch Potato with Video Games. Hobby Science is not a regular “off the shelf” Toy Shop. We offer simplified “Do It Yourself” Hobby Kits for Children, that offers a Child with experiential Learning about concepts in Aeronautics, Propulsion etc., in a simple experiential way without the complexity of engineering formulas. Our Hobby Kits are designed to make all the Children TASTE SUCCESS by overcoming Obstacles & Failures – a character that builds Confidence. To achieve this, we provide easy to understand Plan Drawings supported by our Free Videos on “How To Build Videos” and “Flight Demo Videos” for all our Hobby Kits along with FAQs. You can view the free videos on our website www.hobbyscience.in or www.Youtube.com and search for “Hobby Science” Our Free videos show how to overcome Obstacles / Problems that you may come across during the building or flying process and making your Kit a Success – all possible for every kid of 8+ age with some adult guidance. We also conduct live Build & Fly workshops at your own home / apartment complex to spread the Hobby. To ensure that all our products will be successful working models in the hands of your Kids, we extensively Field Test each of our product before its launch. You can call us between 9.00 am – 6.00 pm at the phone no. for any question / clarification relating to our Kits and will provide our best support. So, gift your kid an exceptional Learning Opportunity with Hobby Science Kits and … COME OUT AND PLAY !!!