Hobby Science Aero Kits

HOUSE PARROT - The Most Easiest to Build

We have designed the HOUSE PARROT to provide a Aero Model that can be built in just 30 minutes, flies indoors in medium sized halls, auditoriums  and in your garden.  This is so so easy and so much fun to fly and is the best way to Introduce your child to Aeromodelling.


Wingspan : 30 cm

Fuselage Length: 28

Propeller : 14.5 cm plastic

Power: Single Loop of 30cm 3mm rubber

Material : Wood & Tissue paper

Price: र350.00

Ironbird Ornithohopter

Ever wondered how a Bird flies by flapping its wings??  Well, Dont wonder anymore.

Because, our Ironbird Ornithopter flaps its wings and flies like a bird - all with just 50 turns of rubber motor (special rubber band).  You can build this in about 2 hours and see for yourself how a bird flies - only thing is, you can fly this bird anywhere you want - inside your living room / your garden - just about anywhere.

Enjoy and show your kids kupclose how birds really fly !!

Price: र350.00

Street Sparrow TWIN PACK (two sets in a box)

STREET SPARROW (Twin Packed) The Little Sparrow fits in the plam of your hand – well if your palm is 1 foot long . But, that’s, the size of the Sparrow – 32cm wingspan and about 20 cm from nose to tail – it is quite a tiny plane much like a Sparrow and hence we named it STREET SPARROW. The Street Sparrow is Twin Packed – meaning you get two kits in a box. This model requires little or no trimming (no need to add extra nose / tail weights) and can try this model as your 1st or 2nd. Do Watch the Demo Flight videos and you will take an instant liking to this Sparrow.

Price: र850.00

LITTLE FLYER – An Excellent Beginner Model !!!

Legendary Aeromodeller Bob Peck designed a small rubber powered model called Prairie Bird – which was very easy to build – and flew slow and steady – for 30+ seconds consistently. We at Hobby Science, made our version of the Prairie Bird – which we call – The Little Flyer – which we have made as an Interlocking Kit with beginners in our mind. This kit is very good for beginners as it is very easy to build and flies slow and steady without any trimming.

Price: र750.00


A farmer named Clyde Cessna invented a small plane in 1911 – for his personal use – after which he started a company by name Cessna for building small planes. The company today is also producing Small Business Jets. That’s about the brief history about Cessna Planes. At Hobby Science, we have tried a fusion Cessna model Kit – so that it looks like some of the popular Cessna cabin models. This model is small, relatively easy to build, but does have a character of its own.

Price: र800.00


The MOTH is a legendary model in the freeflight aeromodelling world. This model - designed in the year 1937 by the legendary aeromodeller – Herb Spatz, has been the beginner model for millions around the world. At Hobby Science, we extensively studied the actual 1937 designs (well its easily available on the internet) to understand what makes the MOTH such a consistent flier and then have made the MOTH Kit easier to build by making it an Interlocking model – while at the same time retaining the exceptional flight characteristics.

Price: र950.00