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HobbyScience CESSNA (cost inclusive of shipping)

Build Skill Level : Beginner
Flying Skill : Beginner

The HobbyScience Cessna kit is an excellent Beginner Model – both for Building and for Flying. The Laser Cut Imported Design has very minimal Hot Glue Gun Joints making it very easy to build for a beginner. The HobbyScience Cessna sports a multihedral wing with ample Undercamber and simple Rudder & Elevator control – which makes it a VERY STABLE SLOW Flyer – an aspect essential for a Beginner RC Pilot.
Being made of DT (Dollar Tree) Type Foam, the model can take up considerable beatings – most of which can be repaired with packing tape and a Hot Glue Gun. Go ahead and step into the world of RC Flight with HobbyScience Cessna.

Wingspan: 530 mm
Length: 430 mm
Weight: 200 grams (without electronics)
Flying Weight: 310 grams apprx. (model + 2 servos + 20g motor + 600mah 3S battery + 20amp esc + receiver

• 3 Channel controls (elevator, rudder, throttle)
• Laser Cut Kit from extremely durable DT Foam
• Small and compact Park Flyer

Kit Includes:
- 2 Sheets of Precision Laser Cut DT Foam
- 2 Pieces of Wooden Motor Mount (1 for the plane + 1 spare)
- 4 Pieces of Control Horns (2 for the plane + 2 spare)
- 1 Piece of 3mm Tough Steel Wire for Landing Gear
- 2 Pieces of Bamboo Skewers
- 2 Pieces of 1mm pushrods

Required (Not Included in the Kit):
1. 60watts Hot Melt Glue Gun + 2 Glue sticks for building
2. Minimum 4 channel Transmitter + Receiver (Our Flight Tests done with Hobbyking 6hannel transmitter
3. Motor: 24g 1300kv or 1500kv (Our Tests done with Hobbyking AXN 2306N 1280kv and also 24g Motor)
4. Propeller: 7060 GWS Propeller or 8x3.8 SF Propeller (Our Flight Tests done with both the propellers and both worked very good)
5. ESC: 12 amps (Our Flight Tests done with AXN 12 amp ESCs as well asHobbyking Blue Series 12 amp ESC)
6. Servos: Two 9 gram servos (Our Flight Testing Videos done with Hobbyking Turnigy TG9e servos)
7. Battery: 500-600mah 2S / 3S Lipo (Our Flight Tests done with Hobbyking Hobbyking Rhino 610mah 2S & 3S Lipos)