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A farmer named Clyde Cessna invented a small plane in 1911 – for his personal use – after which he started a company by name Cessna for building small planes. The company today is also producing Small Business Jets. That’s about the brief history about Cessna Planes. At Hobby Science, we have tried a fusion Cessna model Kit – so that it looks like some of the popular Cessna cabin models. This model is small, relatively easy to build, but does have a character of its own. No two finished models completed by us flies the same way – which means, it is it is a good kit for you to improve your trimming and tuning skills. Consider this as your second or third model – you will be exceptionally rewarded by the Cessna Kit model’s good looks – that it can be kept in your display shelf / showcase. The flight characteristics are good with about 20+ seconds flights – which can be improved to 30 – 40 seconds with the supplied rubber and propeller once you spend time trimming the model. Do Watch the Demo Flight videos below of Hobby Science Cessna. Do watch the Build Video for easy understanding of how to build this model Specifications: Wingspan : 50 cms Fuselage Length: 29 cms Propeller : 18 cm plastic (supplied in the kit) Power: Two 40cm loops of 2mm rubber (supplied in the kit) Material : Wood & Tissue paper (supplied in the kit)