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Price: र1,600.00
SKU: HSP 0005

HobbyScience CABIN TRAINER (cost inclusive of shipping)

Build Skill Level : Beginner 
Flying Skill : Beginner

This TWIN BOOM PUSHER Plane is designed with Engineering Students in mind,  This model of ours has been used by Students of Engineering Colleges for testing Solar Panels and their feasibility to power the flying platforms.  

This is a Three Channel Control Plane with Ailerons, Elevator and Throttle.  It has a great lifting potential and the front nose is freed of the obstructing propeller - which has been safely tucked in the middle.

A very stable flying platform for all the Engineers students to test their concepts

Being a stable flyer, it is also ideal for Intermediate skilled flyers.  

Wingspan: 1000 mm apprx
Length: 650 mm apprx
Weight: 350 grams (built model without electronics)

• Three Channel Controls - Throttle, Aileron, Elevator
• Laser Cut Kit from extremely durable DT Foam
• Very Stable and Forgiving Plane
• Suitable also for Beginners

Kit Includes: 
- 4 Sheets of Precision Laser Cut DT Type Foam
- 5 Pieces of Control Horns (3 for the plane + 2 spare)
- 2 Pieces of 0.8mm pushrods

- 2 Piece Hardwood Booms

- Bamaboo Skewers

- 2 Pieces of Wooden Motor Mount (1 as a spare)

Required (Not Included in the Kit):
1. 60watts Hot Melt Glue Gun + 1-2 Glue sticks for building
2. Four channel Transmitter + Receiver
3. Motor: 28mm 1100 - 1600kv+ size motor (Our Tests done with Hobbyking AXN 2208 1180kv Motor)
4. Propeller: 8x5SF or 9x4.7SF Propeller 
5. ESC: AXN 25 amps ESC
6. Servos: Three 9 gram servos
7. Battery: 1000mah / 1300mah 3S Lipo (Our Flight Tests done with Hobbyking Zippy 1000mah 3S 35C Lipos)