HSc Mustang

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Price: र1,300.00
SKU: HSP 0003

HobbyScience Mustang (cost inclusive of shipping)

Build Skill Level : Intermediate 
Flying Skill : Intermediate

The HobbyScience Mustang a versatile medium sized Plane that can do all aerobatics with ease in the hands of an Intermediate skilled RC Pilot.  The controls are 4 channel and this model can be a great showpiece if you paint it with a spray paint-can.  Requiring Intermediate Build Skills, it is nevertheless an easy build once you watch the Build Videos in our website.  

Best Warbird Plane that you can fly at this price!!

Wingspan: 700 mm apprx
Length: 510 mm
Weight: 300 grams (built model without electronics)

• 4 channel Controls
• Laser Cut Kit from extremely durable DT Foam
• Excellent Manoeuvrability
• Small and compact Park Flyer

Kit Includes: 
- 3 Sheets of Precision Laser Cut DT Type Foam
- 6 Pieces of Control Horns (4 for the plane + 2 spare)
- 2 Pieces of 0.8mm pushrod

- 2 Wooden Motor Mounts

- Bamboo Skewers

- Chart drawing for canopy, turtledeck

Required (Not Included in the Kit):
1. 60watts Hot Melt Glue Gun + 1-2 Glue sticks for building
2. 4 channel Transmitter + Receiver
3. Motor: 28mm 1400 - 1800kv size motor (Our Tests done with Hobbyking AXN 2208 1400kv Motor)
4. Propeller: 8x5SF or 9x4SF Propeller (Our Flight Tests done with 9x4.7SF Propellers)
5. ESC: AXN 25 amps ESC
6. Servos: Four 9 gram servos
7. Battery: 1000mah / 1300mah 3S Lipo (Our Flight Tests done with Hobbyking Zippy 1000mah 3S 35C Lipos)