LITTLE FLYER – An Excellent Beginner Model !!!

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Price: र750.00
SKU: HS AK0002

Legendary Aeromodeller Bob Peck designed a small rubber powered model called Prairie Bird – which was very easy to build – and flew slow and steady – for 30+ seconds consistently. We at Hobby Science, made our version of the Prairie Bird – which we call – The Little Flyer – which we have made as an Interlocking Kit with beginners in our mind. This kit is very good for beginners as it is very easy to build and flies slow and steady without any trimming. The balance of the model is so good that each and every test model that we built for testing started flying for 30+ seconds right from the first attempt. Since this model can be made to fly real slow in tight circles, you can also fly this model indoor in auditoriums and marriage halls and impress your classmates / relatives!! Do Watch the Demo Flight videos below Do watch the Build Video for easy understanding of how to build this model


Wingspan : 38 cm

Fuselage Length: 34

Propeller : 14.5 cm plastic

Power: Single 35cms loop of 2mm rubber

Material : Wood & Tissue paper