Mechanical Rubber Motor Winder (1 to 3.6 ratio)

Price: र170.00
SKU: HS AX 00031

3mm wide Tan Rubber Motor (1 : 3.6 Ratio) With this Mechanical Winder winding your rubber motor is very easy. The winder has a gear ratio of 1:3.6 – which means, for every single turn of the handle, the rubber receives 3.6 windings. The gears and the outer casing are precision moulded for smooth spinning operation. The overly thick and heavy gauge resin acrylic from which the casing and gears are is made, makes it very rugged for rough use. Just apply two drops of coconut oil every once in a while in the spinning shafts and this mechanical winder will serve you !! Do watch the Video on how to use the Mechanical winder from the Tutorial Videos Section in our website. Gear Ratio :- 1:3.6 Material : Resin Acrylic & Aluminium Price : Rs. 170 / piece.