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The MOTH is a legendary model in the freeflight aeromodelling world. This model - designed in the year 1937 by the legendary aeromodeller – Herb Spatz, has been the beginner model for millions around the world. At Hobby Science, we extensively studied the actual 1937 designs (well its easily available on the internet) to understand what makes the MOTH such a consistent flier and then have made the MOTH Kit easier to build by making it an Interlocking model – while at the same time retaining the exceptional flight characteristics. The minor modifications by our aero modeling engineers have made it possible to effective use a 18 cm propeller with just two loops of 2mm rubber – and still achieve 30+ seconds of flight time. You need to try the MOTH model irrespective of if you are a beginner or an experienced modeller. Be Sure to watch the Demo MOTH flights – during which the model returned 30+ seconds of flight time after time, that too - without having any trimming!!! Do watch the Build Video for easy understanding of how to build this model Specifications: Wingspan : 62 cms Fuselage Length: 46 cms Propeller : 18 cm plastic (supplied in the kit) Power: Two 55 cms loops of 2mm rubber (supplied in the kit) Material : Wood & Tissue paper (supplied in the kit)