Plastic Propeller 18cm

Price: र100.00
SKU: HS AX 00002

18 cm Plastic Propeller The Hobby Science 18 cm Plastic Propeller is compatible with the Hobby Science Cessna and Moth aero kits. The Hobby Science plastic propellers are of imported origin that are precision molded for perfect balance and perfect symmetrical shape on either side which makes them highly efficient thrust generators. These Propellers due to their perfect symmetry do not wobble and hence eliminates energy wastage. Made from tough Nylon Resins these Propellers are very crash resistant and do not deform. Infact not one of our test propellers have broken which we have been using almost daily for our test flights. Package: 1 piece / pkt Propeller Shaft Hole diameter : 1mm Propeller Shaft Length: 18 cms / 7 inch