Street Sparrow TWIN PACK (two sets in a box)

Price: र850.00
SKU: HS AK0003

STREET SPARROW (Twin Packed) The Little Sparrow fits in the plam of your hand – well if your palm is 1 foot long . But, that’s, the size of the Sparrow – 32cm wingspan and about 20 cm from nose to tail – it is quite a tiny plane much like a Sparrow and hence we named it STREET SPARROW. The Street Sparrow is Twin Packed – meaning you get two kits in a box. This model requires little or no trimming (no need to add extra nose / tail weights) and can try this model as your 1st or 2nd. Do Watch the Demo Flight videos and you will take an instant liking to this Sparrow. Do watch the Build Video for easy understanding of how to build this model Specifications: Wingspan : 32 cms Fuselage Length: 22 cms Propeller : 14.5 cm plastic (supplied in the kit) Power: Two 25cm loops of 2mm rubber (supplied in the kit) Material : Wood & Tissue paper (supplied in the kit)